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Cost Effective Solutions for Specialty Blades and Edges of All Types Since 1971 by Blade Experts!

B.A.P. Manufacturing is the success of 30+ employees working together to service the blade technology industry under the management of several blade and edge experts who share one vision for surpassing customer expectations with over 35 years of experience in blade manufacturing.

At B.A.P. Manufacturing we take our industry very seriously and is why we are and have been ISO 9001 Certified for several years. ISO 9001 is the recognized international gold standard which demonstrates the ability of a company to consistently provide products and services that will meet customer and regulatory requirements and challenges with the quality they need and expect.

Together the team has shared many opportunities demonstrating their skills and creative abilities in developing cost-effective solutions for inventors and small businesses to medical operations and Fortune 500 corporations in optimizing blade and edge needs.

The B.A.P. team has a variety of blade and edge expert women and men with different experience levels and expertise in specialty blades and edges. The key to their success has always been their ability to communicate with one another to meet the driving details for perfection and deadlines when it comes to high performance, longer-lasting blades, reduced downtime, less prototype development and overall lower costs. Teamwork means synergy to achieve your goals.

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Our Commitment to You!

At B.A.P. Manufacturing we are dedicated to assisting you in meeting your goals through quality materials, cost efficiency, and ship dates which meet your requirements. We utilize a proprietary sharpening process to manufacture sharp, made-to-order cutting blades and edges and invite you to explore our website or call us to see how we can make your next blade or edge project come to life!

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