Cutting Edge Specialty Blade Manufacturer

Since 1971 B.A.P. Manufacturing has offered cost effective solutions for high-performance, razor-sharp, custom made standard cutting blades of all types with a focus on specialty blades and edges! As a leading specialty blades and edges manufacturer, B.A.P. serves various industries including: medical, food processing, construction, hunting, hobby, graphic arts, painting and more.
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Rapid Prototyping Services

As a leader in the design and manufacturing of blades and edges - B.A.P. offers end-to-end product realization solutions. If you can imagine it we can manufacture it!

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Experience and Resources for Total Fulfillment

B.A.P. offers cumulative experience from three generations to supply blades that cut more efficiently and with exceptional performance.

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Flexible, Accurate and Specific

No matter the need, blade after blade after blade, B.A.P. meets the diverse needs of every custom blade as your personal specialty blade partner.

What are you looking for in your next blade.

Quality? Expertise? Speed? Communication? Experience?

Let B.A.P. lead you to complete success with your next specialty blade or edge!

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Let B.A.P. Manufacturing help meet your cutting needs and offer the competitive advantage by requesting a quote for your next custom edge or specialty blade today.

B.A.P. - the leading trusted blade and specialty edge manufacturer from industrial, commercial, and surgical to aerospace, lab, automotive and beyond.

B.A.P. supplies standard or custom blades and specialty edges a cut above the rest when it comes to quality, production time and communication.