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B.A.P. Manufacturing - ISO 9001 Certified Specialty Blade and Edge Manufacturer
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Specialty Blades and Edge Innovators   B.A.P. Manufacturing —
Providing a Variety of Specialty Blade and Edge Solutions Is Our Business!

Capability Overview

B.A.P. Manufacturing manufactures many types of blades and edges for several industries including custom industrial, paper manufacturing, food processing, medical and surgical industry, handtools, hobby-related, graphic arts, hunting, packaging, and many others. We are committed to providing long-lasting, quality blades and edges. We have over 40 years of expertise to produce a variety of shapes and edge configurations. Our unmatched experience has allowed us the opportunity to partner with many companies - large and small to develop blades and edges for processes that have revolutionized many industries.

Some of the applications include corrugated packaging material, mat cutting, paper cutting, plastic, food processing, rubber cutting, sign making, hobby/sport related, textile products, surgical and medical applications of many types.

Having less than 40 employees makes B.A.P. Manufacturing small, but nimble. B.A.P. can respond to changes quickly, whether in prototyping or production of specialty blades or edges. We can also serve in an advisory capacity to help you to determine materials and geometry best suited for your blade and edge needs and / or project at hand.

Specialty Blade Limitation Insite -
Surprisingly It May Not Be As Costly As You Might Think

B.A.P. Manufacturing specializes in the production of smaller blades with difficult edges, up to 6" in any dimension. We create circular, hook, slitter, slot, surgical, toothed, single-edge, pointed, and utility blades. Our only limitations are dimensional.

Our extensive experience with difficult cutting jobs aids us in working with you to devise a solution to your cutting problems. Often times we begin with prototyping by utilizing Cad. These methods allow B.A.P. to provide test samples to you the client without the expense of hard tooling.

Manufacturing and sharpening to build higher-performance

Blade and Edge Materials

B.A.P. Manufacturing works with a multitude of materials, both ferrous and nonferrous metals to manufacture all our specialty blades and razor-sharp edges. Below is a breakdown when considering the development of your custom or standard blade or edge product:

  • High Carbon Steel (C1080, C1095, C1025 etc.)
    superior edge sharpness; least expensive; good for industrial applications
    where corrosion resistance is not an issue

  • Stainless Steel
    superior corrosion resistance; FDA approved for most medical and food processing applications;
    holds an edge longer than high carbon steel; slightly more expensive

  • Precipitation Hardening Steel
    excellent corrosion resistance; FDA approved for most medical and food processing applications;
    processing is more expensive than stainless steel

  • Other Materials (Non-ferrous)
    brass, copper and other non-ferrous materials

Custom and Standard Blade and Edge Examples  

Unmatched Blade and Edge Manufacture, Service and Opportunities

Our unique buffing system allows us to put that "final, razor sharp edge" on your blade or edge, regardless of the blade or edge geometry. We have the ability of providing a complete blade or edge, or we can sharpen supplied specialty blade or edges to our exacting standards, which any industry would find are unsurpassed.

And, as for medical and endo-surgical specialty blades and edges, B.A.P. conforms to CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices - essentially the FDA's version of ISO) with state of the art ultrasonic cleaning and inspection procedures. All custom or standard blade or edge manufacturing procedures are documented. In addition, all documents connected with the blade or edge job is retained for short or long-term reference.

  Final Blade or Edge Thoughts

In addition, a considerable proportion of our client base are other cutlery companies. We work with these type of companies largely in part because their manufacturing processes do not lend themselves to the production of radius, traverse radius, "V" type, or other geometrically difficult grinds required by certain specialty blades and edges - whether custom or standard. As a result of this cooperation, if we cannot manufacture your custom or standard blade or edge cost effectively, we can probably can suggest a manufacturer who can.

In addition to the many blade or edge services mentioned, and described, B.A.P. Manufacturing can provide many other specialized blade or edge related services as well. Please call, fax or email B.A.P. Manufacturing with your requirements today.

B.A.P. Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified

B.A.P. Manufacturing - Dedicated to Specialty Blades and Edges Including, Custom Made and Standard Cutting Blades
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