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B.A.P. Manufacturing - ISO 9001 Certified
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B.A.P. Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified   B.A.P. Manufacturing —
Our ISO 9001 Certification insures a dependable Quality Assurance System!

B.A.P. Manufacturing Has Been Certified to ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standards are not rules, but merely a set of guidelines that organize their processes and make it more cost effective ( In order to stay competitive, B.A.P. set course to accept the ISO 9001 plan, which is a set of standards that help companies like B.A.P. Manufacturing to achieve cost effective and quality assurance methods. The following information will explain what ISO 9001 is and what it means to B.A.P. Manufacturing to be ISO 9001 certified.

The purpose of obtaining the ISO 9001 Certification is to assure B.A.P. Manufacturing can and will provide quality products and services. The stamp of ISO 9001 approval, lets you know what to expect from B.A.P. - which is always a quality product every time.

Here are a few of the advantages to working with a company who has a quality system in place:

  • Ensures products and services provided meet customer requirements
  • Ensures consistency in the day to day operations at B.A.P.
  • Ensures processes are repeatable and predictable
  • Ensures a satisfied customer every time at B.A.P.
  • Improves the overall efficiency in operating cost and unproductive time

What is ISO?

ISO is an International Organization for Standards formed by technical committees. ISO provides user-friendly guidelines for a wide range of organizations. Examples of these organizations include manufacturing, printing, forestry, processing, servicing, and electronics. ISO was established in Switzerland, in 1947, with the sole purpose of developing intellectual, technological, scientific, and economic corporation between member countries (Bureau of Business Practice). Later in 1979 the ISO Technical Committee (ISO/TC 176) was formed to set of guidelines to bring together and standardize world industries. Today ISO has affiliates in more than 90 countries. Interestingly enough ISO comes from the Greek word “isos” which means “same as” which can be implied to mean the customer gets what the customer expects, which is what they consider quality. Therefore, ISO stands for quality.

B.A.P. Manufacturing is a competitive company. We do not believe the ISO 9001 is not just a badge to be worn, it is a set of standards to be followed.

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B.A.P. Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified

B.A.P. Manufacturing is ISO 9001 Certified

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